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In yesterday’s post of this 3 post series, I discussed part 2 – Personal Finance (click here to read part 2). When thinking of new year goals and resolutions, getting focused and committed when it comes to your financial goals should always make the top of your priority list. However, focusing on your finances is only one piece of the puzzle, our wellness (click here to read part 1) and the relationships we foster, also contribute to our overall success. This is the last post of the 3 part series of “New Year, New Focus” – Friends & Family.

Friends & Family – Part 3

My fiancé and I recently went on a mini vacation with my mom and her partner to Mexico for Christmas. This was my first trip as an adult that included my mom and also the first Christmas I’ve spent abroad. I’m learning that as we get older and move through life, our list of “first times” starts to dwindle. It gets harder and harder to find experiences that contribute to us doing something for the first time. While on this trip, I was reminded of the question “when’s the last time you did something for the first time” and all I could do was smile because at the age of 30 I just had 2 firsts in one trip! I was happy that I got to end the year with the people I love the most in my life.

I was thankful and happy for the quality time I had with them, so of course, I saved the best for last, the New Year’s resolution to foster better relationships with the important people in our lives. Here are some simple ideas you can incorporate into your New Year resolutions list that can help improve and grow those important relationships in your life.

1.) Create a Family Night –

I know that the busyness of “life” can take us away from spending enough quality time with the people that matter the most. Pick one night a week doing something fun or creative like baking cookies, watching a fun movie, watching jeopardy with your family, or playing a board game. Think of creative things that you and your family can spend time doing once a week. This doesn’t have to be anything crazy but is a good way to add some structure to this thing we call life. The most important thing you can do during this time is turn off your phone and tune into the people that matter the most. 

2.) Game Night With Friends –

I love board games and I love them even more over a glass of wine with some friends. Whenever I finish playing a game like Trivial Pursuit with friends, there is never a dry eye in the room. Game nights are always a cheap and fun alternative to going out to a loud bar with friends. In the comfort of your own home you get to relax, have conversations you can actually hear, and get some good laughs in.

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3.) Contacting 5 People You Haven’t Spoken To In The Past Month –

Something very simple and easy to commit to doing the first month of the year, calling someone you haven’t spoken to in awhile. The key word here is to CALL someone, leave a message, get them on the phone, who cares, just reach out. With all this social media, we think we really can keep up and play an active role in someone’s life by liking a photo, which isn’t the case. Show someone you care and that you are human by simply reaching out and telling them you love them.

4.) Plan A Date Night –

Treat that special someone in your life to a nice date night. There are plenty of inexpensive ideas you can find online to stay at home or go out. Let that special someone know that you care by putting in the effort to change things up this coming year.

5.) Write Notes – 

Not to boast but my fiancé and I leave little love notes for each other every morning. I remember when I was a kid, my mom would do that same when she would pack my lunch for school. Little hand written notes are a great way for you to show appreciation to the people you love in the new year.

They say the strongest shape found in nature is a triangle because any force is evenly spread throughout all three sides. My goal for 2018 is to build all three sides of the triangle that surrounds me, by strengthening my personal finances, my relationships, and my health, I am ultimately strengthening myself.

Implementing some of these suggestions or investing in some of these products, is a sure way to help you in 2018 and also make life easier. Make this year, your best year, by committing to improve all the important areas of your life that matter the most, this is the best ROI (Return On Investment) you can make!

Friends & Family Part 3 – Summary 

Things you can do in the New Year to help improve your relationships:  

  • Create a family night and get off your phone
  • Invite friends over instead of going to a loud bar to catch up
  • Reach out to people you haven’t spoken to in a while
  • Surprise the one you love by planning a date night
  • Periodically write notes to the people you love

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